**You can find my original drawings and limited-edition prints locally at:
Joe Brewton Studio @ Charles Jacob Design, 3333 Metairie Rd, Metairie LA
Le Boulevard Marketplace, 3815 Veterans Memorial blvd, Metairie LA

**My o
riginal Architecture & Detail Paintings are sold at:
Royal House Gallery
813 Royal Street
New Orleans, LA
I am New Orleans artist Joe Brewton, specializing in
architectural detail & elevation acrylic painting, and also
india-ink drawing & illustration.  Most of the artwork
featured here is from my "New Orleans Series" of
original paintings...featuring the unique details,
decoration & architecture that, now and forever, still
stand in the great city of New Orleans!  I have been
working on this collection ever since Hurricane Katrina
devastated our city.  To be sure, Katrina also has
sparked the incredible rebirth of New Orleans!

Mostly self-taught, I graduated from The LSU School of
Architecture in 1989.  I deviated from the constraints of
the ruler and the T-square years ago, and have been
painting ever since!  Although my favorite subjects to
paint are the ornate doors, windows, and homes in the
city and in the French Quarter, I also focus on the
unique architecture and landmarks that make New
Orleans a place like no other!  I attempt to capture the
feel of black & white, or color photography in all of my
paintings by use of acrylic paints on canvas washed in
clear varnish.  This technique is clearly unique in

My technique is Inspired by the pop-culture painting of
Andy Warhol, and his use of silkscreen-medium
methods...and also by the brilliant abstract works of
Henri Matisse(I know...Warhol and Matisse, an unlikely
combination to say the least!).  My personal painting
technique relies on your brain first differentiating
between the different painted colors & layers, and then
seeing them combine to form the physical parts, shade,
shadow and light in the scene that they represent.  Up
close, the painted layers can be seen for what they
are...but together, they become the actual picture of
the scene.

Next, I stumbled across drawing typography map art
ink illustrations as a result of a friend asking me to
incorporate my india-ink line drawing style to a map
of New Orleans.  I fell in love with map art cartography
and typography as a result, and have transformed a
one time doodle into another passion.   All of these
original illustrations are hand-drawn in black india-ink.

I continue to add the theses series of paintings and
drawings, so if you would like to receive emails when
I finish and list new art, please send me your email
address and I'll put you on the list…also, visit my
facebook page to keep up with my progress: